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DEMA 2010 Best In Show

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

At this years DEMA there was literally 100’s of exhibitors.  New equipment, new products, gear, locations, dive clubs and the list goes on and on… One of the most impressive new products I saw was a new GPS radio for diver safety.  Nautilus Lifeline has designed a safety radio and GPS that you can take with you when you go diving!  The Nautilus Lifeline is a full featured marine VHF radio and GPS with a range of 8 Miles.  It has both a chat channel and non-emergency functions.  With a battery life of over 24hours in emergency mode you know you’ll get help when needed most.  As far as Tec Diving, they have rated this unit for a maximum depth of 130 meters and on the surface with the radio open it is still rated for 3 meters; so there is no reason to worry about flooding your radio in heavy chop.  The LCD display shows your GPS position and the whole system can be charged via usb cable.  They believe in this product soo much they are including a Full 2 Year Warranty and a Lifetime Service Plan.

Out of everything I have seen here at  DEMA this year, this product stood out amongst the crowd for safety, design and ingenuity.  I can’t wait to see how it performs and stands up to everyday use!


Post-DEMA 2010 Las Vegas

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Got into the game and maybe for the first time left Vegas with more than we had when we got there! Haha.. But seriously what an amazing time.  We meet all our friends from PADI Head Office who were putting on seminars and launching their New Divemaster program.  We talked to many of the companies with some of the newest equipment in the scuba market today!  Oceanreef Group releasing their G-divers full face mask, Nautilus Lifeline with there Radio and GPS for divers which to me had an over whelming responce and was definately a ‘Best in Show’ Winner.  Fourth Element with many new innovations in wetsuit and rashy technologies and many many more.

Bodyglove, Sport Diver, Padi and Air Pacific Premiered their next in series “The Drop Zone” FIJI!   Was a great night out with divers for being in the middle of the desert 😉  This event was hosted at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Why Dive with OCEANREEF Full Face Recreational Mask

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment
Oceanreef connecting divers

Headed to BAN's for 2011

Why dive with an Oceanreef Full Face Mask? Well if you asked those at Oceanreef, they’d ask you why not!  With many benefits and features that adds to every dive,  the stereotype that full masks are just for the elite diver has been finally crushed by Oceanreefs  G-Divers Full Face Mask.  Their user-friendly design is perfect for the entry-level or recreational diver.  By using a full face mask a diver is able to breathe easily through their mouth as well as their nose and since most people breathe through their nose more often than their mouths, you should find a full mask even more natural than a traditional regulator and mask setup.  Just breath… It’s that easy!  So if people try to tell you that full face masks are just for professional divers or that it’s too complicated to use, know that these new recreational G-Divers masks increase visibility, are more comfortable than the traditional mask and reg setup and can even help you communicate with your dive buddies and the surface! Oh yeah AND you can get them in some pretty cool colors too!  So if you have the chance take one of these new recreational full face masks for a test drive.   Yes, there is a little training you will need, but it’s really fun stuff and can even count toward another speciality rating!

Come check them out at Ban’s Diving Resort, coming 2011!

DEMA 2010 DAY 1

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

DEMA!!! Day one.. 1000’s of programs, 1000’s of vendors, 4 days!  The actual exhibit floor did not open till 10am.  But there were tons of seminars being put on by PADI, DEMA and other dive organizations that started as early as 8am.   Drew Richardson kicked my day off  with a Padi Seminar, looking at the diving industry as a whole focusing on North America, but looking globally as well…  it was entitled “How’s the Vis”.  Great pump up and super start to get us all going as the doors were about to open on the main exhibition floor.


The exhibitors floor is HUGE, it took me a better part of the day just to walk through it!  By about 1pm I am getting totally lost in all the new products, and while I was chatting it up with a slew of different companies, I came across EnviroDive Technologies.

EnviroDive wrote the book on gas blending…The PADI/DSAT book!

EnviroDive is a world leader in “The Nitrox Stik” continuous gas blending equipment for Nitrox. They offer oxygen enriched air gas blending courses, Nitrox dive training and certification to police, public safety divers, commercial and recreational divers.

As the creators of modern continuous oxygen enriched air gas blending with a proven track record in both equipment sales and Nitrox training, EnviroDive continues to be the leader in the world of Nitrox.  It was great to spend a few minutes with these guys so I thought it would be neat to see what they have to offer and hear what they had to say!

They are, after all, “The Nitrox People”.

EnviroDive Technologies celebrates its 10th year as a DEMA member!

Ta’ Da!!! DEMA Pre-Show 2010

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Finally arrived in Las Vegas!  Wow what a mess getting here “here’s looking at you US Airways, can’t wait to see if I get home lol”.  But I’m here and ready for DEMA 2010!!

Ta'Da! Joel Zeff

The first event started a day before the doors even opened.  TA-DA!  Featuring a return of last years keynote speaker Joel Zeff.  His one of a kind business education style, which has been honed through his background in Journalism and Comedy, created a fantastic vibe to start off DEMA this year.  Through his uses of improv and audience participation, he was able to bring across relevant ideas, concerns and winning strategies to get all Padi members through 2011.   His messages were strong and yet kept everyone in great spirits, a fantastic open to this years  show.

Drew Richardson was also there with a strong stage presence, to kick everything off, introducing a few new mission statements and themes for 2011, by putting together an expert panel, no… “Town hall” in hopes to lead this years Padi members, no… “Our Tribe”  through a strong economic recovery year looking to grow all Padi business on a global scale.  Many of the head “Tribal” members were there including Kristin Valette, James Morgan and Nick Jenny followed by the key-note speaker Joel Zeff himself.

Padi DEMA 2010

Kristin held a town hall that included Ron Sciarro, Lucy Kreiling, Carter Cary, Valerie Elliot and Jon Daane.  Their main focus was to look at new ways of obtaining growth in the market by getting an increase of new divers in this harsh economic climate.  I found their talk to be very strong and supplied all Padi members in attendance a true vision of the work ahead this year to make it just not a profitable year but a fun year for all Instructors and new divers alike.

After this James took the stage with such Padi leaders as Jeff Fafoglia, Dan King, Allen Aboujeib and Mike Hollingshead.  They also talked about the year ahead, but through the eyes of divers that have been diving for some time now.  Taking a look at what it takes to keep your diving ability sharp and up to date through continuing to have fun but also growing your diving knowledge at the same time.  Other things they touched upon is the new Boy Scouts program and what way is better to have a little extra fun in diving than to bring along a whole tribe of kids to experience something new.  There are many ways to keep yourself challenged in the field of diving.  Even after many years in the sport I find new avenues to explore and things to try on a daily basis.  So if you’re new or been around for many years now, challenge yourself and try something new!

Something new might be as simple as going down to your local dive shop or to see me at Bans 😉 and find out about all the great new things that were new this year at DEMA.  Some of the new equipment was astounding. Every piece seems to be getting better in design, simpler to care for and lighter to travel with.  These were all covered be Nick Jenny and his “Town Hall” consisting of Sales Managers from Scubapro, Sherwood, Oceanic and of course Aqua Lung.

After all this Joel took the stage with a few games and reminders to all Padi members oops sorry “the Tribe”, that sunk in for me I know.  And it could be summed up as simple as the evening events name “Ta’ Da!”  Ta’Da is meant to reflect that feeling of accomplishment that maybe you get from trying something new for the first time or maybe it could be as simple as a boy tying his shoes on his own for the first time.  And the message for the Tribe was that no matter how many dives you go on, no matter how many trips you have taken people on… not to forget that feeling of what it was like to do it the first time… keep that thought with you and help it direct how you run your business and entertain with your clients … Live a little more in the moment and don’t forget to let yourself enjoy your accomplishments every day “Ta’Da!”

To help with this and to close this pre-show event Drew presented awards to a hand full of recipients in the North and South American markets as well as the Caribbean.  What a great way to help them remember their own “Ta’ Da!”

After the event was over everyone stayed and it turned out to be a great “Tribe” social we had a chance to meet lots of fellow Padi professionals and had the opportunity to visit with many of Padi’s Head Office execs too.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Cause we haven’t even started yet!

Going Where No One Has Gone Before

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Ban Tec

Bans Tec Diving

“Going where no one has gone before”… Who doesn’t know this catch phrase, made famous by the earliest Star Trek series.  For most people, the appeal of  the idea of shooting through the stars is connected with the excitement and discovery of new places and exciting possibilities.  Unless you are plotting to build your own enterprise and warp into the heavens, a fantastic opportunity to explore, can be found right here on planet earth.

There’s an estimated 2.5 million active divers in North America alone (Padi has certified over 15 million divers world-wide ).  Here at Bans Diving Resort, we’re certifying over 15,000 (Open Water or higher) in a single year!  With all of these divers we still have only explored under 2-3% of our oceans and oceans cover over 2/3 rds of our planet!   As a recreational diver we can go to a maximum depth of 40 Meters.  Which accounts for a very very very small percentage of the overall ocean that we are able to reach.  One of the many aspects of Tec diving is that it allows you to discover new depths of the ocean.  The Padi Tec Deep course allows you to go to the maximum depth of 50 Meters adding an additional 10 meters beyond recreational limits and Tech 60 lets you go even Deeper!  But does that  just mean you get to go deeper and deeper with a Tech certification?  No way!  There are many other advantages, like being able to spend longer amounts of time at shallower depths, expand your learning opportunities and introduce yourself to even further areas of diving such as proper cavern or even cave diving. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look into our very unique Technical Diving Instructor Internship Programs led by Craig Werger.   Before dive instruction, Craig Werger had been getting his hands dirty in anything that needed fixing for some time.  He is a Journeyman Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic by trade and finished his apprenticeship with Okanogan University College in 2007.  Craig worked for Caterpillar dealerships for 6 years in both Canada and Australia, troubleshooting and overhauling diesel engines, transmissions, powertrain, high pressure hydraulics and machine electronic systems.  He completed Caterpillar dealership training in hydraulics, hydraulic excavators, machine electronic controls, Helicopter transport; rigging and lifting.  Craig was recognized with first place in Skills Canada Competition for Automotive Service 2003 and 2004. With these skills and a good base of diver instruction, you’re guaranteed to learn the in’s and out’s about technical operations and technical diving through Craig!  His Internship Program lets you train and dive with us over 2 month period and have the opportunity to become an Instructor in many technical diving areas and can include DSAT Tec Deep, DSAT Tec Trimix, DSAT Gas Blender and much more…over Tec Diving cavern and cave diving.

Face to Face DEMA 2010 Las Vages

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The power of face-to-face negotiation just got a little stronger!  I know if you’re like me you will love to see all the new products coming to the marketplace at DEMA this year.  You will love to take in the Vegas Vibe for a few nights. And of course get to network face-to-face.  With all the people who will be out at this years’ DEMA show it’s going to be hard to fit it all in.

Now with all the guest speakers, updates, special programs and seminars I don’t know about you but I’d love to be able to get it all in as well as some famous Vegas night life and of course talk with YOU!  So why don’t we do this…  if you’re interested in meeting with us at anytime during this years’ DEMA show, attach your name, company name, date and time (booth # if you have one) and we will be there.  We are looking forward to the week in Vegas as much as anyone, but coming all the way from Thailand we would like to get the most and provide the most we can out of this week.

Cheers and we look forward to seeing you ALL there!