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Going Where No One Has Gone Before

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Ban Tec

Bans Tec Diving

“Going where no one has gone before”… Who doesn’t know this catch phrase, made famous by the earliest Star Trek series.  For most people, the appeal of  the idea of shooting through the stars is connected with the excitement and discovery of new places and exciting possibilities.  Unless you are plotting to build your own enterprise and warp into the heavens, a fantastic opportunity to explore, can be found right here on planet earth.

There’s an estimated 2.5 million active divers in North America alone (Padi has certified over 15 million divers world-wide ).  Here at Bans Diving Resort, we’re certifying over 15,000 (Open Water or higher) in a single year!  With all of these divers we still have only explored under 2-3% of our oceans and oceans cover over 2/3 rds of our planet!   As a recreational diver we can go to a maximum depth of 40 Meters.  Which accounts for a very very very small percentage of the overall ocean that we are able to reach.  One of the many aspects of Tec diving is that it allows you to discover new depths of the ocean.  The Padi Tec Deep course allows you to go to the maximum depth of 50 Meters adding an additional 10 meters beyond recreational limits and Tech 60 lets you go even Deeper!  But does that  just mean you get to go deeper and deeper with a Tech certification?  No way!  There are many other advantages, like being able to spend longer amounts of time at shallower depths, expand your learning opportunities and introduce yourself to even further areas of diving such as proper cavern or even cave diving. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look into our very unique Technical Diving Instructor Internship Programs led by Craig Werger.   Before dive instruction, Craig Werger had been getting his hands dirty in anything that needed fixing for some time.  He is a Journeyman Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic by trade and finished his apprenticeship with Okanogan University College in 2007.  Craig worked for Caterpillar dealerships for 6 years in both Canada and Australia, troubleshooting and overhauling diesel engines, transmissions, powertrain, high pressure hydraulics and machine electronic systems.  He completed Caterpillar dealership training in hydraulics, hydraulic excavators, machine electronic controls, Helicopter transport; rigging and lifting.  Craig was recognized with first place in Skills Canada Competition for Automotive Service 2003 and 2004. With these skills and a good base of diver instruction, you’re guaranteed to learn the in’s and out’s about technical operations and technical diving through Craig!  His Internship Program lets you train and dive with us over 2 month period and have the opportunity to become an Instructor in many technical diving areas and can include DSAT Tec Deep, DSAT Tec Trimix, DSAT Gas Blender and much more…over Tec Diving cavern and cave diving.

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