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Please add your own to our… Pro Diver Reference Library

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The following  will be added as its own page to help it grow.  Please we’d like to hear from you!

As a soon to be Dive professional or if you’re a  Pro Diver already, you should have quite a reference library, most times without even realizing it.  The manuals you’ve collected from all your previous PADI courses and specialties too, Magazines, The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, Diving Knowledge workbooks, Dive travel guides, maps, videos, books, online articles and yes even dive blogs 😉  These days there is as much online information as there is on paper and many times you can find everything you need online.  This will also improve the impact paper is having on our environment.

The following is a list of articles, companies and other things you might want to take a look at and include in your own personal reference library.  We would also invite you to share any titles you have come across as well.   Let us know what you have found and we’d be more than happy to add them to this page.  Over goal is not just to enhance our own diving knowledge but yours as well.

1.  All PADI course material (Open Water, Advanced, Rescue…)

2.  PADI Videos

3.  Specilty Course material

4.  Undersea journal

5. and PADI PRO

6.  Project Aware

7.  The Underwater Journal Great online magazine

8.  Sea Shepherd Non-profit, marine wildlife organization.

9.  Scuba Board World Largest Online Diving community

10.  Scuba News CDNN World News on diving and the industry

11.  WordPress Great search for all things and scuba

12.  Live 2 Let Dive Find out more about some of the best, most unusual or fun dive spots in the world.

There’s a few to get things started!  Let us know what you use.


There just Hoses… or are they?

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

For a few years now a certain company by the name of Miflex has caught my attention.  Miflex makes a very exciting product for diving… Ok ok maybe I can’t describe them as exciting … maybe not even fun at all… as they are just hoses.  So why are these particular hoses so special? …and what makes a good hose?  …and what makes a good hose into a great hose?  Most importantly how can I possibly be so excited about hoses??? Well… other than my pure love for dive equipment and not wanting to leave item of equipment out, I think you’ll find this company has done everything right with the desire to create a perfect dive hose.  The first thing that attracted me to their product wasn’t even their product at all to be honest.  It was their packaging!

I was in a local dive store in my home town of Oshawa, Ontario in Canada looking for a water proof document holder for some maps and was shocked to see that the bag I needed came with a hose.  It turns out that Miflex when developing their packaging even took enough time to take a look into their impact on the environment, in the form of a reusable document bag for their packaging.  After that introduction to Miflex I had to look at their product a little closer and I loved what I saw!  Other than just turning out to be a more durable product lasting around 3x longer than typical hoses on the market their price remained the same.  Their weight to me is a big deal as well.  If you replace all your hoses with Miflex hosing you’ll notice a considerable weight difference as well.  This is huge if you’ve ever tried to do a lot of traveling with your dive gear.

So to go over all this, Miflex has developed a hose both low pressure and high pressure.  There lighter, last longer, they have new colours and sizes and even their packaging is reusable! So in summary, Miflex is not just a company that sells hoses but a company I can totally get excited about!

Global Travel with Scuba???

December 11, 2010 2 comments

Everyone that enjoys diving knows that most of the top travel destinations in the world provide fantastic diving opportunities.  The problem with traveling and scuba is like any other equipment-heavy sport.  How to get your equipment from port to port, through customs, onto your diving destination and back again.   Your second option is to rent your equipment once you have reached your travel destination…( please insert your personal horror story here).  So finally Aqua Lung came up with the ultimate solution.  They created a Travel Dive Set that is suitable for almost all diving holiday destinations.  It includes their “Hot Shot” fins modeled after their revolutionary sling shot fin, these light weight travel fins are based on the same power band technology but are lighter, shorter and the super soft foot pocket is made for either boot or foot.  Their Zuma BCD is light weight and portable so that you can easily fold it, roll it and stow it right in your carry-on luggage.  As for a regulator they have added the Micron Travel Regulator to this set.  With its balanced diaphragm first stage  and light weight braided hoses you’ll want to make this regulator a main-stay of your everyday equipment.  To top it all off, it all comes in a carry-on departure bag with the demensions to fit all major airlines acceptable limits as a carry-on and weighs under 7 lbs!  Yes that’s right, all your kit, reg, mask, BCD, Fins and even your precious snorkel can all now fit into your carry-on.

Having had the opportunity to test these products we were amazed at the overall quality and construction of all their Travel Gear.  Way to go Aqua Lung!

A Visit with HSA International at DEMA 2010

December 7, 2010 1 comment

At the 2010 DEMA show I had the opportunity to sit with Jim Gatacre, a diver with such a love and passion of diving, he wanted to share it with everyone!  As the President of Handicapped Scuba Association International, he has spent the last 30 years educating over 5,000 underwater educators, scuba divers with disabilities and support divers, located in over 45 countries around the world.  HSA International is an organization that’s mission is to improve the physical and social well-being of people with disabilities through the sport of scuba diving and in doing so has become the world-wide leading authority in this field.  With the help of people like Jim and others like Laura Lee, a Padi Course Director (and a wonderful lady I’ve had the privilege of working with in the past), HSA International has a very bright future.

There are many different types of courses being offered through HSA.  One of these programs, being their “Dive Buddy Program” which offers ‘able-bodied’ divers the opportunity to share the underwater environment with a handicapped partner.  For Instructor level there is a full Instructor Training Course as well.  This extensive program will allow instructors to work alongside and certify people with disabilities to allow them to be divers.  HSA also has it’s highest level Training program, HSA Course Director Program.  This would allow interested parties to become an Instructor Trainer.

For any course information feel free to contact Jim Gatacre at or visit  If you’re in Canada feel free to also check out