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Good morning world !!

April 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Well that was an unfortunate side step away from bloging lol.  Just a few years…. lost a lot of readers but lets try and get this going.  First of all a little catch up.  The diving has been incredible from the Northern island of Newfoundland Canada to the Southern Islands in Indonesia’s South Pacific the last few years have been quality.  Getting to meet tons of new people and making friendships that will last a life time… these last few years had there share of up and downs but I would not give it away for anything.

I have been lucky enough to be apart of  a different side of diving that most people just take for granted, that being the business side what it takes to get a business off the ground keep it up and running I have known too well for most of my life but to see people take this on in the diving industry is very eye opening to what help is truly needed.   There was not one dive shop or resort owner that was not passionate about diving.  However, there attempt at bringing this passion from the side of diving to the side of running it as a business was concerning.  To that end I think you’ll see my blogging taking on a new element next year.  One that will hopefully help and/or inspire business owners within the industry take there shops and resorts to the next level.  If you know of any businesses that could use some ideas please let me know.   This I hope helps build our community stronger and allows me to meet more new people and go more places in the years to come.