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Thai Wreck Dive Koh Tao

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Save Koh Tao with help from the Thai Navy is working to find the best location for the sinking this decommissioned Navy vessel.  The vessel is currently in Bangkok where is is being prepared for it’s sinking.  This process includes the removal of all pollutants and toxic substances to prevent any contamination of the Koh Tao’s reefs.  Special attention is also be put towards removing entrapment and entanglement hazzards.  The wreck is forecasted to be sunk the 18th of June.

This is going to provide Koh Tao with an alternative dive site to not only take some of the traffic off the main dive sites but also open up new training possibilities.  The PADI Wreck specialty will now be much easier to teach logistically.  Other courses like Advanced Wreck will also be put into place for technical divers wishing to broaden their knowledge, skills and techniques used in complex wreck navigation as well as restriction and guideline use.  Our experienced staff of Technical Instructors, Instructor Trainers, Trimix Instructors, Technical Instructors and Cave Instructors will we working hard to ensure adequate training is received before complex navigation is taken up.  Tech Diving Thailand

It is important that the diving community understand and is accepting to the fact that single tank recreational divers are not adequately equipped to be diving past the light zone in equipment without any redundancy.  Wreck diving can be an extremely satisfying activity so long as safety and training are made a priority.

Through overhead environment training Cave Diving instructors and the NSS/CDS have been building a database of accidents involving death or serious injury in overhead environments.  A simple recall phrase can be used to help remember the 5 rules of accident analysis to assist in preventing accidents in overhead.

Nearly Every Preventable Death in overhead can be contributed to not following these simple rules.

  • Thank = Training – diving outside of training limitations or with no training
  • Goodness = Guideline – Guideline leading to open water, proper complex navigational techniques utilized
  • All = Air: Gas management – Rule of 1/3 or 1/4
  • Divers = Depth – Maintaining appropriate depth limits
  • Lived = Lights: Appropriate and properly maintained equipment (twinset with isolation manifold, redundant life support systems)

Thanks to all of those involved in this project, the benefits of alternate dive sites on Koh Tao have already been seen.  The increasing level of training and experience available is also one of the benefits that every diving professional, technical diver and recreational diver can enjoy safely.

Craig Werger

Ban’s Technical Diving

Koh Tao



Set Sail On A New Adventure with Naga and scuba sail

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Ang Thong Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a protected nature reserve consisting of over 40 islands. Visiting the unspoiled islands and beaches is like stepping back in time as they remain undeveloped and unihabited apart from a small population of sea gypsies.

The islands range in size from mere rocks to tiny paradise islands with pure white beaches and coconut trees. The movie ‘the Beach‘ starring Leonardo Di Caprio was inspired by and partially filmed at this location. Touring the Marine Park gives you the feeling of being an explorer discovering the far ends of the world. The water is clean, calm and inviting, creating the perfect conditions to explore the park’s hidden treasures.

The Naga will take you first to the north of the Marine Park, to Koh Wao. Koh Wao consists of three islands with a shallow, sheltered bay in between, making it well suited for snorkeling. The underwater life is not as abundant as the shores of Koh Tao, but it is refreshing to jump into the water and swim around the beautiful bay. You will spend one hour snorkeling on this site, where you will get a good glimpse of the Park’s marine life.

After that you will land on the beach at Talay Nai and begin an easy but impressive climb through dense rainforest and narrow ravines. This takes you to a spectacular viewpoint which looks out over the surrounding islands. Here you will have some time to enjoy the breathtaking view and take some pictures. A short stroll downhill will take you to the famous Emerald Lake, also known as the Blue Lagoon from the movie ‘the Beach’.

From here, all Ang Thong Marine Park tours go to the Park’s Visitor Center for picnic lunch and kayaking. The visitor center is frequented by many tour operators, making it very crowded. We choose instead to travel a little further on to eat lunch and kayak at Koh Paluay’s sea gypsy village.

On Koh Paluay you will enjoy a sumptuous Thai lunch in the fisherman’s village. After that, the speedboat will take you to the south of the island for an hour and a half of leisurely kayaking along the staggering cliff face interrupted only by the occasional spotless beach.


Day 1:
6:30 am Departure Sairee Beach
7:30 am Dive 1 Southwest Pinnacle
8:30 am Breakfast
10:30 am Dive 2 Koy Yippon
12:00 am Lunch
14:00 pm Dive 3 Koy Wao
15:00 pm Ang Thong Marine park
20:00 pm Dinner
22:00 pm Overnight Ang Thong Marine park
Day 2:
5:00 am Departure to Sail Rock
7:30 am Dive 4 Sail Rock
8:30 am Breakfast
10:30 am Dive 5 Sail Rock
12:00 am Lunch
14:00 pm Dive 6 Samran Pinnacles
17:00 pm Arrival Sairee Beach

Price: 10.500 thb

There just Hoses… or are they?

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

For a few years now a certain company by the name of Miflex has caught my attention.  Miflex makes a very exciting product for diving… Ok ok maybe I can’t describe them as exciting … maybe not even fun at all… as they are just hoses.  So why are these particular hoses so special? …and what makes a good hose?  …and what makes a good hose into a great hose?  Most importantly how can I possibly be so excited about hoses??? Well… other than my pure love for dive equipment and not wanting to leave item of equipment out, I think you’ll find this company has done everything right with the desire to create a perfect dive hose.  The first thing that attracted me to their product wasn’t even their product at all to be honest.  It was their packaging!

I was in a local dive store in my home town of Oshawa, Ontario in Canada looking for a water proof document holder for some maps and was shocked to see that the bag I needed came with a hose.  It turns out that Miflex when developing their packaging even took enough time to take a look into their impact on the environment, in the form of a reusable document bag for their packaging.  After that introduction to Miflex I had to look at their product a little closer and I loved what I saw!  Other than just turning out to be a more durable product lasting around 3x longer than typical hoses on the market their price remained the same.  Their weight to me is a big deal as well.  If you replace all your hoses with Miflex hosing you’ll notice a considerable weight difference as well.  This is huge if you’ve ever tried to do a lot of traveling with your dive gear.

So to go over all this, Miflex has developed a hose both low pressure and high pressure.  There lighter, last longer, they have new colours and sizes and even their packaging is reusable! So in summary, Miflex is not just a company that sells hoses but a company I can totally get excited about!

Global Travel with Scuba???

December 11, 2010 2 comments

Everyone that enjoys diving knows that most of the top travel destinations in the world provide fantastic diving opportunities.  The problem with traveling and scuba is like any other equipment-heavy sport.  How to get your equipment from port to port, through customs, onto your diving destination and back again.   Your second option is to rent your equipment once you have reached your travel destination…( please insert your personal horror story here).  So finally Aqua Lung came up with the ultimate solution.  They created a Travel Dive Set that is suitable for almost all diving holiday destinations.  It includes their “Hot Shot” fins modeled after their revolutionary sling shot fin, these light weight travel fins are based on the same power band technology but are lighter, shorter and the super soft foot pocket is made for either boot or foot.  Their Zuma BCD is light weight and portable so that you can easily fold it, roll it and stow it right in your carry-on luggage.  As for a regulator they have added the Micron Travel Regulator to this set.  With its balanced diaphragm first stage  and light weight braided hoses you’ll want to make this regulator a main-stay of your everyday equipment.  To top it all off, it all comes in a carry-on departure bag with the demensions to fit all major airlines acceptable limits as a carry-on and weighs under 7 lbs!  Yes that’s right, all your kit, reg, mask, BCD, Fins and even your precious snorkel can all now fit into your carry-on.

Having had the opportunity to test these products we were amazed at the overall quality and construction of all their Travel Gear.  Way to go Aqua Lung!

DEMA 2010 Best In Show

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

At this years DEMA there was literally 100’s of exhibitors.  New equipment, new products, gear, locations, dive clubs and the list goes on and on… One of the most impressive new products I saw was a new GPS radio for diver safety.  Nautilus Lifeline has designed a safety radio and GPS that you can take with you when you go diving!  The Nautilus Lifeline is a full featured marine VHF radio and GPS with a range of 8 Miles.  It has both a chat channel and non-emergency functions.  With a battery life of over 24hours in emergency mode you know you’ll get help when needed most.  As far as Tec Diving, they have rated this unit for a maximum depth of 130 meters and on the surface with the radio open it is still rated for 3 meters; so there is no reason to worry about flooding your radio in heavy chop.  The LCD display shows your GPS position and the whole system can be charged via usb cable.  They believe in this product soo much they are including a Full 2 Year Warranty and a Lifetime Service Plan.

Out of everything I have seen here at  DEMA this year, this product stood out amongst the crowd for safety, design and ingenuity.  I can’t wait to see how it performs and stands up to everyday use!

Post-DEMA 2010 Las Vegas

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Got into the game and maybe for the first time left Vegas with more than we had when we got there! Haha.. But seriously what an amazing time.  We meet all our friends from PADI Head Office who were putting on seminars and launching their New Divemaster program.  We talked to many of the companies with some of the newest equipment in the scuba market today!  Oceanreef Group releasing their G-divers full face mask, Nautilus Lifeline with there Radio and GPS for divers which to me had an over whelming responce and was definately a ‘Best in Show’ Winner.  Fourth Element with many new innovations in wetsuit and rashy technologies and many many more.

Bodyglove, Sport Diver, Padi and Air Pacific Premiered their next in series “The Drop Zone” FIJI!   Was a great night out with divers for being in the middle of the desert 😉  This event was hosted at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

Why Dive with OCEANREEF Full Face Recreational Mask

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment
Oceanreef connecting divers

Headed to BAN's for 2011

Why dive with an Oceanreef Full Face Mask? Well if you asked those at Oceanreef, they’d ask you why not!  With many benefits and features that adds to every dive,  the stereotype that full masks are just for the elite diver has been finally crushed by Oceanreefs  G-Divers Full Face Mask.  Their user-friendly design is perfect for the entry-level or recreational diver.  By using a full face mask a diver is able to breathe easily through their mouth as well as their nose and since most people breathe through their nose more often than their mouths, you should find a full mask even more natural than a traditional regulator and mask setup.  Just breath… It’s that easy!  So if people try to tell you that full face masks are just for professional divers or that it’s too complicated to use, know that these new recreational G-Divers masks increase visibility, are more comfortable than the traditional mask and reg setup and can even help you communicate with your dive buddies and the surface! Oh yeah AND you can get them in some pretty cool colors too!  So if you have the chance take one of these new recreational full face masks for a test drive.   Yes, there is a little training you will need, but it’s really fun stuff and can even count toward another speciality rating!

Come check them out at Ban’s Diving Resort, coming 2011!