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Are You Up For Your Next Adventure?

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment
Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Have you ever had the want to improve your diving, but aren’t sure if you want to go to the next official level.  What about trying a specialty?  There is a multitude of courses you can take in the Padi system.  Some specialities start from Open Water, others for the Advanced Open Water diverlevel, there are even specialty programs for kids!  After doing your home work and deciding that becoming a Divemaster is maybe not for you, have no fear, you may choose another path. This path leads you to Master Scuba Diver.  This is Padi’s highest rated Non Professional level.  To get there you must be a Recue Diver and have compleated five different Padi specialties.  The average Specialty consists of four dives (some have none, some have up to seven!).  If you think one might be of interest to you but your skeptical about committing your time, then you are able to do the first dive out of the program and go through a few of the objectives to decide if this specialty is right for you.  This program actually has a title of its’ own, it’s called an Adventure Dive. Just like you did if you have been through the Advanced Diver Program, which IS reallyonly five adventure dives!

Padi Specitilty Training

AWARE Fish Identification

As you can see there are many ways to keep learning and experiencing as a diver other than just moving into the next official level.  Have fun with your diving, see if there is an area of you every day “on land” life that translates into the diving realm.  I’d bet you’d be pleasantly surprised with what you discover.  Let’s say you’re an avid photographer, then perhaps Underwater Photography is up your alley OR maybe you’re a true environmentalist at heart then check out the Padi Aware program and so on.

Just keep diving, learn and have fun!