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DMT’s Back-to-School

March 14, 2011 1 comment

During our last Divemaster Meeting at Ban’s we had a request from a local school on the main land to come over and introduce ourselves to the kids!  They wanted us to come over and show the children what it is we do and what we learn as a scuba diver.  The request was given to us just before the start of our meeting.  By the meetings’ end we had a handful of volunteer Divemasters-in-Training and off they went that evening on the night boat to Chumphon a small city 4-5 hours away by night boat.  Once they arrived they were greeted by the schools’ staff and given an area to set up.  By the end of the day Ban’s Divemasters were the number one story at the school, getting over 12 classes in in just one afternoon.  The children were able to ask all the questions they wished and with the help of some awesome interpreters some of the kids even had the opportunity to try on some of our gear.  The day was such a success we were immediately invited to come back and do it all again.  Just wanted to give a shout out to all that helped in the planning, transportation and overall involvement in this event.  We put it together in less than a few hours and it went off better than if we were to plan it for days!  Thanks again!!

Here are a few pics of what took place….

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Ta’ Da!!! DEMA Pre-Show 2010

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally arrived in Las Vegas!  Wow what a mess getting here “here’s looking at you US Airways, can’t wait to see if I get home lol”.  But I’m here and ready for DEMA 2010!!

Ta'Da! Joel Zeff

The first event started a day before the doors even opened.  TA-DA!  Featuring a return of last years keynote speaker Joel Zeff.  His one of a kind business education style, which has been honed through his background in Journalism and Comedy, created a fantastic vibe to start off DEMA this year.  Through his uses of improv and audience participation, he was able to bring across relevant ideas, concerns and winning strategies to get all Padi members through 2011.   His messages were strong and yet kept everyone in great spirits, a fantastic open to this years  show.

Drew Richardson was also there with a strong stage presence, to kick everything off, introducing a few new mission statements and themes for 2011, by putting together an expert panel, no… “Town hall” in hopes to lead this years Padi members, no… “Our Tribe”  through a strong economic recovery year looking to grow all Padi business on a global scale.  Many of the head “Tribal” members were there including Kristin Valette, James Morgan and Nick Jenny followed by the key-note speaker Joel Zeff himself.

Padi DEMA 2010

Kristin held a town hall that included Ron Sciarro, Lucy Kreiling, Carter Cary, Valerie Elliot and Jon Daane.  Their main focus was to look at new ways of obtaining growth in the market by getting an increase of new divers in this harsh economic climate.  I found their talk to be very strong and supplied all Padi members in attendance a true vision of the work ahead this year to make it just not a profitable year but a fun year for all Instructors and new divers alike.

After this James took the stage with such Padi leaders as Jeff Fafoglia, Dan King, Allen Aboujeib and Mike Hollingshead.  They also talked about the year ahead, but through the eyes of divers that have been diving for some time now.  Taking a look at what it takes to keep your diving ability sharp and up to date through continuing to have fun but also growing your diving knowledge at the same time.  Other things they touched upon is the new Boy Scouts program and what way is better to have a little extra fun in diving than to bring along a whole tribe of kids to experience something new.  There are many ways to keep yourself challenged in the field of diving.  Even after many years in the sport I find new avenues to explore and things to try on a daily basis.  So if you’re new or been around for many years now, challenge yourself and try something new!

Something new might be as simple as going down to your local dive shop or to see me at Bans 😉 and find out about all the great new things that were new this year at DEMA.  Some of the new equipment was astounding. Every piece seems to be getting better in design, simpler to care for and lighter to travel with.  These were all covered be Nick Jenny and his “Town Hall” consisting of Sales Managers from Scubapro, Sherwood, Oceanic and of course Aqua Lung.

After all this Joel took the stage with a few games and reminders to all Padi members oops sorry “the Tribe”, that sunk in for me I know.  And it could be summed up as simple as the evening events name “Ta’ Da!”  Ta’Da is meant to reflect that feeling of accomplishment that maybe you get from trying something new for the first time or maybe it could be as simple as a boy tying his shoes on his own for the first time.  And the message for the Tribe was that no matter how many dives you go on, no matter how many trips you have taken people on… not to forget that feeling of what it was like to do it the first time… keep that thought with you and help it direct how you run your business and entertain with your clients … Live a little more in the moment and don’t forget to let yourself enjoy your accomplishments every day “Ta’Da!”

To help with this and to close this pre-show event Drew presented awards to a hand full of recipients in the North and South American markets as well as the Caribbean.  What a great way to help them remember their own “Ta’ Da!”

After the event was over everyone stayed and it turned out to be a great “Tribe” social we had a chance to meet lots of fellow Padi professionals and had the opportunity to visit with many of Padi’s Head Office execs too.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Cause we haven’t even started yet!

What’s PADI scuba diving all about anyway?

November 5, 2010 2 comments

Discover Scuba Diving Bans ResortEver wanted to try scuba diving?  I remember my first experience with diving.  My class consisted of  mates that were almost all in their late twenties to early thirties(think I was 13 at the time) and as I remember they all looked quite awkward sitting in a classroom.  I doubt any of them had set foot in a classroom in some time.   Class that was held every weekend over the course of a few months in a little classroom in the basement of a dive shop located in my home town.  Then finally the time came to get the gear on and give it a try for the first time.  My anticipation grew over the duration of the classroom portion of the course (if you think I’m an impatient person now I could only imagine trying to deal with me as a  13-year-old HA!). As soon as you go under for the first time your surroundings change immediately, everything goes quiet except the sound of your own bubbles and for most people just the feeling of being weightless is enough for them, to keep them coming back for more and more.  In warmer areas the colors in the ocean are like nothing you have ever seen before, vibrant yellows and red with a blue background that seems to go on forever.

Bans Diving Resort Koh Tao

Discover Scuba Diving Course

Most people have heard of the company PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  It’s the worlds largest Diver Training Organization, which was started about 44 years ago.  There are many different levels of diving, most people think that an Open Water diver is the first level.  However, there are a few levels you can obtain even before this.  You can try a Discover Scuba Diving Course (DSD) or become a PADI Scuba Diver if you are not sure if you’ll enjoy the sport of not.

I never even thought about “trying” diving.  I knew from the minute I saw it on television as a kid that I’d be doing that some day.  But for the individual that maybe just wants to try it once or if you’re not too sure, a DSD is the perfect way to see if your up for this new challenge!  When you sign up for a DSD here’s a very rough idea of what you’ll do.  It’s usually a one day course.  First, you’ll meet your instructor and get a little bit of diving know how and theory (not too fun to do when on a holiday I know, but I promise its worth it).  Then not unlike the certifying diver course (Open Water) you’ll be taken to the pool to get comfortable and confident in your new self-contained breathing apparatus (ok ok for short lets just call it s.c.u.b.a equipment 😉 )  for a swim in the pool with your new equipment.  During the certification course Open Water you may dive on your own with a buddy and you’d go through 20 different skills in the pool but because you’re just there for the day and wanting to “try” diving, you will only be asked to do the minimum 5 skills and gain some confidence and comfort in your scuba equipment.  Some people at this stage get soo excited they just decide “to hell with this!” and take the full course (but that’s another story).

That very afternoon you’ll be taken by your Instructor on your first “ever” dive!  This is an experience you’ll never forget.  Now you might be asking yourself, even though I never took this course to get my diving life started, how do I know this to be true?  Because I see them everyday at the resort coming up from their first dive and asking “WHATS NEXT??!!”

The more you get into diving the more you start to see that it’s chalk full of possibilities.  As soon as you think you have learned all there is to know you find a whole other unexplored avenue to try.  Everything from deep-sea diving, commercial diving, technical diving, being an underwater videographer, being a Divemaster or even teaching!  The possibilities are endless!

So if you’re looking for that new hobby, sport or a whole new career, give diving a try.  It’s a big Ocean out there and who knows where it may take you.

** Next week we’ll take a look at what makes up an Open Water Course.  Until then if you have any comments or questions I invite you to ask us.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.