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Do you See What I See?

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you ever seen a Whale Shark? A Manta Ray? I have (not to rub it in, but I have)… Now have you ever seen a Whale Shark or Grouper and when you get back on the boat you see the excitement in other divers eyes and hear the Divemasters explain how lucky they all were and how great that last dive was?! You turn to your dive buddy and they say “What Whale Shark?” or “Where was the grouper?”  If this has happened to you, you must ask yourself how did I miss it??!! It might be the type of mask your wearing.  Did you know that different masks can magnify and make things look bigger than others, closer than others, you can even get corrective lenses for your mask!  This review is to cover just a handful of the hundreds of good masks on the market today.  We will be looking at the Mares Essence Liquid Skin, the Tusa Geminus, Aqua Lungs’ New Look 2 and Oceanics’ Shadow Mask.  Are these the newest masks on the market?  Not really but they’re the top choices at our resort by fun divers, tec divers, Instructors and Divemasters alike.

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